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Smarter Mobile CRM - SalesLogix Mobile - What's New

Sales productivity - using Mobile CRM that gets smarter and more useful.

Improve Sales productivity from easier connections with customers and prospects using a Smart Mobile phone and the many new features found in SalesLogix Mobile such as: 

SalesLogix-Mobile-Calendar-date1. View today's activities or pick any future/past date for a list of activities

2. Schedule new meetings, personal activities, phone calls and to-dos

3. Complete any Activity and schedule a follow-up

4. View Opportunity's related products

5. Call Contact mobile number from Quick actions menu

6. Combined Notes and History views to a single Notes/History view

7. List icons describe the type of Activity or Note

8. Users can filter the Notes/History view by typing one of the following hash tag values into the Search box, for example: 


SalesLogix-mobile-History-filter Notes/History filter using Tags:

#note – View just notes

#phonecall – View only phone call history items 

Hash tags allow you to more quickly sort through your past communications.  







Turn downtime into productive time:

Empower your mobile users with this CRM smart phone app that helps them be more productive especially when they have those brief moments in their busy schedule. Turn the downtime  into productive time while 'waiting' for an appointment, at the airport, or in a taxi.  Allow them quick ability to complete the follow up and schedule the next action.  They will appreciate the new capabilities and so will the supporting staff back in the office.....


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