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Sage ACT! 2012 - Integration with Gmail

Yes, It's true! Finally Sage ACT! 2012 has teamed up the Gmail to give us the integration we have been begging for.

Are you using Gmail as your primary e-mail tool?gmail Sage ACT!'s upcoming release of Sage ACT! 2012, you can work seamlessy with the Web-based productivity tools You already rely on.

This new enhancement in Sage ACT! 2012 gives you the ability to sync your Sage ACT! contacts into Google Contacts.  You will have control in which contacts are synced back and forth.

Better yet there is Google Calendar Integration! Keep your busy schedule updated in both places.  Choose which activity types in Sage ACT! sync back to Google Calendar, such as Call, Meeting & To-Do's.

google phone to computer

When an email is sent and/or received in Gmail, even if it's an email address with your registered business domain, that history will be recorded in Sage ACT! on the corresponding contact.

Do you have a Google Mobile Phone? Sync your Sage ACT! contacts, view your upcoming ACT! activities and have all of your daily activities recorded to ACT history through ACT's integration with Gmail. Clear activities once completed from either application.  No need to stop the flow of where or how you work.

 What are you waiting for? 

Find out more about Sage ACT! 2012 new features and benefits HERE!

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