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Details-count-to-rememberIf your sales reps can't remember the last time they talked with a client or if they don't already know what their next action will be with that client, you're a good candidate for customer relationship management software. 
Using software as an electronic phone book is such a waste.Smart managers train people to record a short note about every contact they make. Professionals know what was promised, who at the firm last had contact with clients, when the last update was sent to them, what their child's name is, and whether they love hockey or the tango. Good CRM software keeps all this for you, if you do minimal input. The payback will be immeasurable.
You can also use CRM software to schedule your next activity with a client as soon as you complete the current one with that individual. This plan will maximize your attention to those mid-sized clients and help grow them into larger ones.
To learn more about smart ways to track and plan actions with customers, contact Dick
More about critical mistakes you can avoid by using CRM and ways to improve the customer's experiences....
What details count for your customers that CRM can help with?

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