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Two Critical Mistakes with New Contact Information in CRM

In today's market it's even more crucial to be found and to get your marketing materials in front of the right people. Once you have made contact you need easy and effective ways to capture that information. Yet sometimes a sales team misses opportunities by making critical mistakes with new information they gain. Here are two:


#1 They don't put every contact or key conversation in their database. 

Stacks of business cards on your desk from the last tradeshow or networking event you attended don't work for you. Even a remote chance that these people could use or refer your company means they need to be in your database. You just never know. Also import that Excel contact list into a business management system designed for customer and contact relationship development.

Getting this information in your shared CRM system will let others on your team know of the contact and reference communications.  The sum is really greater than the whole.


SalesLogix-Mobile-Note-entryInput basic contact information on every customer and prospect ASAP. If you must wait, write notes on the cards about where you got them and why you need to keep their info.  Date the information. 

Better yet use that "Smart Phone" to quickly capture that information and share it with the team back in the office.


Another tip: Create an "important to know" memo type field in the database so sales reps and customer service agents have a place to put this need to related to information.  That way the other fields don't get messed up with stray info.  Place this field on the main contact form for an easy accessible view!




#2. They don't segment their database. 

You can't make the most of relationship-based marketing and targeted business development without doing this. And don't stop with the default out-of-box design.

Create more fields to separate contacts into smaller groups. That way you can communicate to them more personally. Segment by industry, customer revenue, number of employees, products purchased, industry events they attend or any other category that suits your business. 

Your most important segmentation may be "Email Permission," so you can send out target content in newsletters. Identify how they like to be communicated and best method of reaching them - it may be by cell phone or by email.


Additionally use some form of integrated e-marketing that helps you measure their interest. Identify what content is high on their list. Check out e-marketing for Sage ACT or Sage SalesLogix CRM with these links.


To learn more about powering up relationship-based marketing by capturing and segmenting all your contacts' follow this link.

More on Critical Mistakes CRM can help reduce or eliminate......

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