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In previous 'CRM Systems and Body Building for Business' posts, we’ve talked about what we can learn about developing a business by looking at how we build muscles. Of course none of us want a flabby business. To be strong, it takes the four R’s. It also takes balance: symetrical balance and nutritional balance

When our business associate Carol went to a trainer, he made sure she did everything equally on both sides. You can’t manage as many reps on left side as on the right? Then don’t go above that number on the right either. Muscles come in opposing groups, and if they get off balance, they can pull you off kilter and cause new problems. Equal strength creates balance.

The business equivalent: Avoid the temptation to focus on just one aspect of a customer’s account, whether it’s the shining spot or the rough patch. Remember that marketing, sales, customer service, accounting, and management all function together to create a total customer experience of your product or service. Nothing, and no one, stands alone. Get and keep a 360-degree view. A dashboard such as Sage ACT!’s can help you achieve this.



We all know about GIGO: garbage in, garbage out. Anyone seeking strong healthy muscles must pay attention to nutrition. Junk food does not build a strong body or mind. Then as that food is metabolized and new tissue is created, cells produce waste products. If our muscles can’t get rid of waste, cramps stop us dead in our tracks and we are compelled to massage the pain away.

The business equivalent: Use a quality CRM system and a CRM consultant with experience and training. Think Porterhouse, medium rare, from a farmer you trust as opposed mystery meat hot dogs. Then prevent your processes from “cramping up” by clearing up service issues as soon as they become known and by implementing better follow-up and questioning.


What would you ask a business trainer about growing a stronger business? What advice would you give?

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