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CRM-System-Like-body-buildingBody Building for Business requires a strong foundation- one that depends on CRM- Customer Relationship Management....

We’d be in sorry shape without healthy muscles. They hold us up, they hold us in – anyone who’s had a hernia will tell you how important that is – they move us around, and they manipulate our world, from forks to keyboards to hedge trimmers.

People with weak or nonfunctioning muscles must rely on a combination of other people and adaptive technology to accomplish what we take for granted. By strengthening our muscles, we can increase our endurance and speed, improve our balance, and lift more weight more safely.

Without even thinking about it, we even rely on our muscles to circulate our blood and breath, digest our food, and eliminate wastes (ugh, sorry about that one, but it’s true.) Fast twitch, slow twitch, striated, nonstriated – all of our various and sundry muscle types carry us through life in different ways, if we keep them strong and healthy.  


Your business is like a living organism. Success requires it to be resilient, adapt, and grow. Like your body, it has systems, all requiring a strong musculature. When you think about it that way, a robust, well-thought-out CRM business development strategy and CRM system software function as one of your business’s muscle groups to:

  • Support your other business operational processes
  • Contain all your valuable contact information
  • Expand the knowledge database about your customers.
  • Carry your customer service
  • Pick up speed as you automate processes
  • Maintain balance and endure through changing circumstances
  • Stretch – did I mention stretching? – to expand your market.

What are you doing to build your business muscles?

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