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Acquire-Develop-Retain-Sage-SalesLogixSome people really like data. They like to play with numbers, create charts and graphs, and quote indeterminate statistics.  

Whether or not you consider data fun or mundane, data is a tool, a means to an end. With an exceptional CRM system, you can use your data to acquire profitable customers. For some businesses, this is a new concept. Don’t just put out a shingle, open your doors, do a little advertising, and hope for the best?

With the tools available to businesses today, including CRM systems that are highly interactive and comprehensive, there is no excuse to be reactive in building a customer base. Instead, you can be proactive in intentionally connecting with your ideal customers.


Your CRM system can help you discover: 

Where are you currently getting leads? How are you currently attracting business? Is it through your website? A television ad? Sales calls? What is your primary connecting point?

Are they the kinds of leads you want? Does your staff spend a lot of time on unqualified leads, or explaining the caveats of your latest promotion? Are you attracting the kinds of customers that you want to do business with? Are they informed, interested, ready and able to buy?

Where do you want to get leads? If your marketing strategy is not attracting profitable customers, where can you connect with them? Do you know where your target market gets its information, connects with other businesses, and prefers to do business? Whether geographically or on the web, where do you need to be?

How can you get them? Once you are in the right place, what strategies can you use to connect with your potentially profitable customers? How can you adjust what has and hasn’t worked in the past to attract qualified leads to your business?  

Once you’ve identified and attracted key customers to your business, CRM can help you build a solid business relationship with individualized customer service.


Knowing your customer better than the competition is a competitive edge and an effective CRM system can help you get there faster.


Is this statement true about your business?


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