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CRM-Choice-SalesLogix-Cloud-OnpremiseSaaS or on-premise CRM? You no longer have to choose.

When working with a prospect CRM buyer, we are asked does your solutions allow our business to keep the CRM information in house and on-premise and can we move it to a Hosted off-premise site later.  With Sage SalesLogix and with Sage ACT, we can provide a CRM solution on-premise, hosted in the cloud, or a combination of both.


Sage SalesLogix Cloud offers you the best of on-premise and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions—a full-featured, standards-based CRM solution with ownership and control of your data combined with payment flexibility, access to data online, and the ability to get up and running quickly.

  • You can have peace of mind that your data is secure and only accessible by you, not intermingled with the data of thousands of other companies. You own and control your data. And, rest assured, Sage will take care of you so your IT department doesn’t have to worry about it—from setup and backups to expert product support and 24-hour monitoring.     
  • Most businesses require plenty of data storage—so right from the start you’ll receive greater storage space per user than some other CRM vendors, with favorable rates to increase capacity as your business grows and changes.     
  • Not all businesses are the same. That’s why Sage SalesLogix Cloud offers a variety of flexible payment, subscription, and license options that fit your business requirements and financial preferences. 
  • Sage SalesLogix Cloud was built on a flexible, standards-based platform that enables integration with your other business management solutions, desktop applications like Microsoft® Office, and web services for increased productivity and a complete, holistic view of your customers. 
  • Change, like a software upgrade, can be disruptive—to IT, to users, and even to management. Sage SalesLogix Cloud gives you control of upgrades so you can perform them when it’s right for your business—not when the vendor decides.


With advanced customization capabilities, greater data storage, and more flexible subscription options than other CRM Cloud vendors, Sage SalesLogix Cloud provides a better choice for your business.   

To start the conversation with us, give us of call at 269-445-3001 or Take the Next Step.

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