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When Sales People Go Bad - Sage ACT Security Settings

You run a tight ship and you have a careful hiring process, ensuring that only capable, enthusiastic people become a part of your sales team.

Salesperson_QuitsThen something happens.  A recruiter calls one of your team members, or he’s not making his numbers, or, even worse, he’s involved in unethical activities.  You know he won’t be with the company much longer, but how do you keep him from running away with all your leads?

If you’re on the cutting edge of CRM technology, your sales team members have a remote copy of the database on their laptops, and perhaps access on their mobile devices as well. What will happen to all that information when they are no longer part of your company?

There are some permissions and security protocols you can follow to add a layer of protection to your information without bogging your sales staff down with additional passwords and gatekeepers. 

With Sage ACT! Pro or ACT! Premium, you choose the level of access to the database for each user.  If you put your sales team at a Manager level instead of an Administrator level (the default mode), they will be unable to export contacts to an Excel worksheet, or accidentally (or maliciously) delete records and history. 

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In addition, by setting access levels appropriately, you can limit user access to their own activities.  Can you imagine what a competitive sales person might do if they could change the history of a fellow sales person, erasing the evidence they performed certain tasks?  By enabling them to edit only their own history, that temptation is removed.

Also, even if a rogue sales member runs off with your company issued Laptop with a remote copy of the database, you can adjust the synchronization settings so that the database is no longer current.  In case you forget, synchronization automatically discontinues after 30 days of inactivity. 

In a perfect world, you would be able to trust your sales staff to act responsibly and reliably at all times.  Since no one’s perfect, protect your information, and continue to promote your business positively. 


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What user and data security options does your contact management system provide?

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