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Appreciate and Empower Your Customer Service CRM Superstars

Everyone has experienced bad customer service.  Maybe it was the fast food worker who forgot half your order, or the grocery store cashier who closes the line because it’s her “break,” or the insurance representative who put you on hold 4 times and still didn’t help you. 


Hopefully, you’ve experienced good customer service, too.  It may have been the mechanic who drove your car to work for you, or the waitress who chased you down when you left something in the restaurant, or the service provider who offered you a package that cost less than you had anticipated. 

SalesLogix-Customer-Service-SuperstarsIf you have those customer service superstars in your organization, they are the keys to creating the kind of experience that people blog about, and share with others.  With a comprehensive CRM system, you can give your entire staff the tools to be superstars, connecting with customers, and delivering remarkable customer service.



What does your salesperson or customer service rep see when they pull up a customer name?  Name, address, and phone number? Date of last service? What if they could pull up a record of every contact, both inbound and outbound, made with the client, and who the primary salesperson was? Can you imagine the conversation? 


“I see you purchased this product in August of 2009 and have had 3 service calls over the past two years, covered by the warranty you purchased.  Is this product still meeting your needs, or do you need an upgraded system that can handle more wear and tear? Oh, I see that you filled out our customer survey and I want to thank you for taking the time.  We appreciate your feedback!”  When did you last have this type of  WOW experience?

Your valued client no longer has to explain herself every time she calls your 800 number.  Whoever she speaks with on any day will have the exact same information available.  It is that type of consistency and reliability that promotes customer loyalty and satisfaction, which promotes profits.  


Next time you receive a memorable conversation and experience, say Thank You, and pass it on!

Topics:   Customer Experience Improvement Employee engagement Compelling Value Creation Customer Communications

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