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Have you ever really connected with someone at a networking event or during aCRM-As-Building-Block sales call? Maybe your children are the same age, or you support the same sports team, or you share an affinity for gourmet bread.  Those connections are the building blocks of a business built on loyal customers and referrals.  If they like you and like what you deliver, they will tell others.


How do you make the most of those connections?  What if you make three of them at one event? Will you connect with them again? Will you remember what you talked about?


In the same way you and your sales staff keep track of appointments, calls, leads, and sales on your CRM database, you can keep track of those personal details to refresh your memory. Wouldn’t it be helpful if your sales person knew the prospect was a Chicago Bears or Green Bay Packers fan before they made the call?   

Other reasons why personal details matter:

  • They can open doors to other ways of connecting- whether on the golf course, at a car show, or an educational luncheon.
  • They can allow you to celebrate special events with your clients- birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and business anniversaries.
  • They can help you create an informed referral incentive plan, based on your clients’ interests.
  • They can help you create client profiles, so you have a clearer picture of your target market.
  • They can open the door to new product lines, new clients, and new referrals.


People want to buy from people they trust and who share similar values.  When the product is remarkable and the service is outstanding, your clients will be your primary source of new leads.   


By paying attention, recording the details, and acting on them, you make a connection. Sage ACT! contact management and Sage SalesLogix CRM provide these capabilities to building a more valuable business.


What information matters in your business that needs to be available in your CRM system?

Topics:   Referral Marketing Target Market Appreciating Asset Building Stronger Relationships

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