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Hurray to our recent winner of the "Does this apply to your business" survey of small to medium sized businesses. In this survey there were 32 questions that were ranked from 0 - does not describe my business to 3 - describes my business to a "T".


From all the surveys, the top 8 ranking questions were:

#1  "We want to deliver remarkable customer experiences every time."

#2 "We need to stay top of mind with prospects and clients so they think of us first."

#3 "I am struggling to learn the multiple skills required in today's changing business environment."

#4 "We need a better way to attract new prospective customers."

#5 "We want prospects to find immediate value to further engage use."

And a 3 way tie for #6, #7 and #8 were:

- "We are looking for ways to eliminate follow up failure with our contacts."

- "We don't know where future revenue is coming from."

- "We can't seem to transform and shift up to the next level of success."


A special thank you for all of the business folks that participated.  Julie and I appreciate each of you taking the time to fill the survey out and providing us with valuable insights into your businesses!  We salute you as engaging business leaders.




Drum roll, please.............

We placed all the surveys on a table top,

stirred the pile and

the winner of the 60 dollar fine dinning certificate is:





Rod  VanZile

Goode Line Construction


 Residential - Commercial


Congratulations Rod !

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