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Helpful Enhancements to Latest SalesLogix Web 7.5.4

Update: Let's get real - migrating from Saleslogix 7.5x Windows to Infor CRM 8.3x web

Key enhancements in SalesLogix latest service pack 4 for version 7.5 include:

Duplicate Checker (for the Web administrator):

Saleslogix-Web-Duplicate-checkerThis tool is available under the Tools menu when logged on as “admin.” You can also grant a standard user access to this tool by adding the user to the Data Quality Manager role. It allows you to search within any group for Account, Contact, or Lead tables and look for duplicate records in the database.

This feature locates matches and scores them based on match probability, and then it allows you to resolve any duplicates by merging records. Service Pack 3 introduced the ability to merge records in the Web Client List view (right-click > merge), but you still had to spot-check for the duplicate records manually. The SP4 enhancement automates the process AND includes the Lead table.


Notes/History (For Web users):

This enhancement brings the familiar Notes/History tab that we love from the LAN Client into the Web! It combines both history items and notes. You can filter the grid based on a variety of criteria, and you can even send any selected items to e-mail or to Word.









Editable Sales Order data grid:

Now you can more easily update pricing and discount for a sales order. (Not to mention use a revamped Accounting Integration process! This will be covered in future posts.)



The Upgrade Process:

The upgrade process for Sage SalesLogix v7.5 Service Pack 4 is different than previous service packs because SP4 includes a full install. It’s very similar to the process of installing the base v7.5.0 product—except with a lot more features in the end! They are so similar in fact, that if you are installing Sage SalesLogix in a new, on-premise environment, you can go directly to the SP4 installer (no v7.5.0 necessary). If upgrading from an existing v7.5.X* environment, on the other hand, the SP4 installer runs in the same way except that it first removes applications with prior version and then re-installs them.

Always defer to the documentation when performing an upgrade in a production environment.

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