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You’ve heard it said, If you don’t have an iPhone, then you don’t have ... Well, if you don’t have a Success With CRM business development system, then you don’t have:


  • A trusted relational database of business contacts at each of your customer and prospect companies.


  • … A quick way to check who has been in contact with your key accounts.


  • … An easy way to discover whether there are any hot issues or future opportunities to address ASAP.


  • … A comprehensive way to manage your commitments and your time.


  • … A handy way to save those names and notes from key Sage-SalesLogix-mobile-iPhoneconversations that you’ll forget with time.



  • … A knowledge-based system that produces results and provides easy to understand dashboards to help make timely and better informed decisions.


  • ... A partner in business that knows your business and provides the insights and resources to implement a CRM solution to enhance your business development and the value of your business.


and most importantly ... Peace of mind that you KNOW where your business stands!


When you hear the Apple iPhone commercial on TV, "if you don't have an iPhone then..." also consider if you have the customer relationship and management system that would most benefit your business.


What business drivers can be achieved faster and more effectively with an improved business development and customer management solution?


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