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Leaders are Readers- start the habit of reading while you are YOUNG

The hall of fame motivational speaker, Charlie T. Jones, many times stated, "Leaders are Readers".  But more importantly I will always remember Charlie's statement - "You are the same today that you are going to be in five years from now except for two things, the people with whom you associate and the books you read."


Today, my grandson's photograph was published in a South Bend Tribune newspaper article about the recent Young Writers Day at Squires Elementary school. (This was the same Cassopolis school system I had graduated from in 1969.)

As part of this Young Writers program, Owen and other fellow second-graders were asked to compose a story.  Owen's story was titled "A day in the life of my size 13 shoes"- he wears boy's size 13 shoes. He wrote about his experiences on his 2009 vacation in Oregon along with the activities with his mom and dad.  Owen was chosen to represent his second grade class.  He has an active imagination that comes from his active reading habits and proficiency in using my Apple iPad.


So both Julie (mom) and I as grandpa wish to publicly congratulate Owen W. Cooper and encourage his reading for future leading.


Reading can take the reader around the world and experience the lives of successful people.  The right book can change your life, can bring the world into focus, can produce those insightful Aha's of awareness, or just make you feel happy.....


PS:  The middle "T" in Charley's name affectionately stood from Tremendous.   The "W" in Owen's middle name stands for Wooden....


What books that you have read helped to change your life?

Topics:   Compelling Value Creation Success fundamentals eMarketing Effectiveness Core Beliefs for Success

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