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See for Yourself How the Right CRM Solution Can Help....






The old adage of "Try it, you'll like it!" is now available with our fully capable Sage SalesLogix.  See for yourself how the right CRM solution can help you build stronger, more profitable customer relationships.  Additionally we'll provide CRM strategic consulting to help you get started right.


With the right CRM business development solution you can:

  • Focus on your most profitable prospects and customers through multi-channel marketing campaign tools.  Stay in touch to stay top of mind.
  • Arm sales and marketing teams with the sales automation, productivity and business analytics tools they need to increase performance.
  • Deliver outstanding customer experiences by quickly and knowledgeably addressing customer inquiries.
  • Use advanced analytics tools to address performance across your organization and uncover new opportunities.
  • Select the deployment, access, and payment methods that are right for your unique business.
  • Obtain quick start support using best practices for implementation from Success with CRM Consulting, Inc- a Sage Authorized business partner.


View presentation on benefits of CRM for your business roles, here.


Simply click on the Free Trial link below to get started and you'll be contacted with the details:Sage-SalesLogix-Free-Trial

Try it---- You'll Like It!  Plus we'll be here to help answer your questions as you plan for greater business success!

Topics:   Lower IT costs Mobile CRM Cloud computing Business success with CRM

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