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Forgotten Customer Relationships, CRM benefits, Act!

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Down the Broken Trail of Forgotten Relationships - Part 1

ACT_ConsultantYou have your ACT! Software. You are now on the cutting edge of Customer Relationship Management. Now what?

First of all, a system like  ACT! is not just a glorified rolodex. Like a rake hung in the garage for the entire autumn season, it doesn’t do any good unless you use it. Your new data system is dynamic and has the potential for greater good- if it is properly utilized.

Within about 60 days of receiving your  ACT! Software, you should have all the data from your old databases entered into the system. Now it’s time to clean house. Do you have 3 entries for John Smith on Main Street? Combine them into one entry. Do you have missing information- first names, phone numbers, and dates of service? Go through and update these items. The efficiency of your software system is only as good as the data you enter. Remember the old programmer’s mantra, garbage in, garbage out?  ACT! performs actions based on the information entered into the system. The better information, the better it will work for you.

Within 120 days of receiving your ACT! Software, you should be going through your clients or customers to create useful groups. One group might be “Clients with no activity in 90 days.” These will be clients you will want to focus on to make sure you call, email, or drop a postcard to so that you remain Top of Mind. Another group might be “Prospects with no activity in 30 days.” A third group might be “Open opportunities with no activity in 120 days.”


prospects with no activity in 90 days

When you create these groups, you can set up Smart Tasks within ACT! for automated services and reminders. For example, you can set up a Smart Task to send emails to new prospects 3 days after the initial contact. Or you can set up reminders to call new clients at 30 days after service. The system remains dynamic so that once you record your call to your first “client with no activity in 90 days” that client is no longer part of that group. The system responds in real time so that your efforts among salespeople are not duplicated.

More on capturing your forgotten relationships with our next blog…

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