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How Carbonite is Kryptonite for Sage ACT!

Not all backup systems are the same. 

Julie-Cooper-Sage-ACT-ConsultantAlthough it is always important to backup your data, some online systems can actually prevent you from using your Sage ACT! software. 


For example, the online system Carbonite promises fast and easy backup service.  You download their software, and your documents and files are sent securely through the Internet to their data center.  As you add or modify documents, changes are continuously sent to Carbonite, so your backup is always current and available.

Issue #1: Stopping of SQL ACT7 Instance:

If you have Sage ACT! Software, however, the Carbonite software will try to access the Sage ACT! database (which is Microsoft SQL or SQL Express) to create a backup.  Carbonite will interrupt the ACT service that maintains your database.  If Carbonite tries to access the ACT! database, you won’t be able to.  You’ll have to contact your company's Customer Service and restart the SQL instance that maintains the database.  In fact, any database that uses Microsoft SQL will be interrupted by the Carbonite backup.


Issue #2: Empty Backup file

If you did run a Carbonite backup on your computer, it will appear that the Sage ACT! database has been backed up, but when the backup version is clicked, the file is unusable.   If your computer crashes and you’re relying on the Carbonite backup to restore your database files, they will not be available. {I have aquired a new Sage ACT Client because their former IT support did not understand how this backup system worked and skips open database files!}


What's the Solution:

For issue #2: That’s why it is KEY that all Sage ACT! users set up the Sage ACT! Scheduler to automatically backup the database daily to a .zip file.  Carbonite can backup the .zip files so youl'll have a backup that can be restored when needed. But Carbonite will still interfere with your SQL instance that maintains the database. {Stay tuned next week for that solution....}


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