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While visiting with prospective clients, someone on their decision-team will eventually start to ask questions about how to best integrate Customer Relationship Management software into their business operations.   

More and more companies are discovering that implementing the right CRM  solution can mean the difference between flat sales and sales growth.


describe the imageToday companies can employ seamless CRM systems that integrate into overall business processes and allow data to be shared across the organization. These systems can not only boost sales by providing the sales force with the information about customer trends and cross-selling/up-selling opportunities, but also enhance customer service by enabling the company to be more responsive to customer needs.


Recently I have been involved in two client projects that bring a company's current year and past sales history into easy access from within their SalesLogix CRM system. In one instance the SalesLogix CRM user can quickly view the current lifetime value, the prior year's sales transactions and the current Accounts Receivable invoices and payments into visibility.  The account managers and any other CRM user can quickly view sales trends, the specific products and services being purchased and even the 30/60/90 day balances of the account.

In another situation our client wanted to quickly view the various selling prices of their products across all their customer purchases. They were amazed at the wide range of unit pricing that was being used, sometimes at extremely low or very high margins.

Now when pricing a specific product, our SalesLogix CRM client can make more intelligent decisions based on prior sales history, especially as they begin to quote and work a new sales opportunity.  The sales support staff can obtain a quick view of the opportunity and make the final touches for a professional quality quote. CRM becomes integrated into their overall business processes.


"Businesses are seeking ways to provide an increased level of internal visibility into sales processes in the hopes of achieving sales effectiveness.  To achieve these goals, top companies are implementing customization initiatives to ensure that the CRM system mirrors their own unique business processes and needs" Aberdeen Group


There are some valuable payoffs for companies that have achieved this complete view, including a "Closed-loop" or 360-degree understanding of one's customers and business metrics. This access to customer knowledge leads to many benefits including stronger, more personal relationships and better targeting, which improves sales productivity.  As a company uses their sales opportunity management system in CRM, the business metrics lead to better forecasting and predictability.  Now what Sales manager, VP of sales or business owner could not feel more empowered in making more informed decisions, faster and easier?


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