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Use Your Mobile Device to Stay in the Know using Sage ACT

ACT-Certified-Consultant-MichianaHave you ever been on a sales call and forgotten a crucial piece of information at the office? Maybe it was the address or time of the meeting, or that extra piece of information which would have sealed the deal.

Or maybe you knew you were running late to an appointment, but didn’t have the number to call your client.

Did you have to call someone at the office to look it up for you? Did you lose valuable time and possibly a sale due to simple forgetfulness?

Or maybe you’re a regional salesperson who has to track your team’s calls, sales, and prospects, and you spend half your day trying to track down team members to get information. They insist they don’t have the time to relay the information to you while they’re out in the field. How can you get your job done and make their jobs easier?

In its 2011 version, Sage ACT! Premium has mobile (Web) access. Available through a cloud-based system, your CRM information can be accessed through your iPad, Blackberry, or Android. This means sales associates and sales managers have access to contacts, contact information, and calendars, all in the palm of their hand, wherever their prospects and calls may take them that day.


describe the imageFor sales associates, this means all contact information, including special notes like birthdays, is ready and available. Calendar information including appointment times and dates is available and easy to update when schedules change. Recording sales calls and results take just a few minutes with drop down boxes to note the type of call, the results, and the next step. (We start our sales associates, young....)


For managers, customizable fields allow you to gather vital information from your team. It may be the number of new leads, the number of meetings or other activity tracking. You have access to calendars, contact information, and real time updates of what calls are made and their results.

This is especially effective for businesses that have a high volume of sales. The sales person spends time in the field instead of submitting detailed reports, and progress reports are in the system in real time. There is no syncing involved either- what goes in through the mobile device goes directly into the main CRM system, preventing duplication of contacts and sales calls.



If you have a previous version of Sage ACT! software, you can upgrade your current software so that the host server can run the web version and integrate with Outlookfor email and calendars.

Give me a call at 269-445-3001 and let's talk.


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How might mobile devices help in your selling productivity?

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