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Maximize Inbound Marketing with CRM Solution for Smarter Business

Conversations-Contact-strategyModern technology has provided a myriad of possibilities for the creative marketer. Web 2.0 has allowed people to create unlimited content on any imaginable topic, and offer opinions on numerous message boards, forums, and social media sites. Opportunities to inundate fellow human beings with the message of your business are only limited by your resources and imagination.

On the flip side, modern technology has also provided multiple ways to block out unwanted messages. Magazines and newspapers can be read online. Television shows can be recorded digitally with the ability to fast-forward through commercials. Satellite radio eliminates most on-air advertisements. Caller ID strains out those pesky telemarketers.

So the savvy marketer finds ways to be found. Today, when someone is looking for an answer or a solution, they get on the internet, choose their favorite search engine, type in key words, and click until they find what they’re looking for. If through this discovery process they find a product or service that will solve a problem or meet a need, they don’t hesitate to make a connection to learn more.  Focusing on Inbound Marketing to attract business will help get you there.


Your business has to be findable.Success-with-CRM-Google

Yet, there are so many channels to choose from (blogs, social media, forums, websites, email…) how do you keep track of your progress with any one customer or client? Once you get someone interested, or looking down the pipe, how do you move them down the pipeline, from interest to loyal customer? Even with carefully crafted content on your website that is maximized for search engine optimization, and a presence on every social media site available, your business will not grow unless you develop relationships with the people who are looking for you.

Enhance marketing with an integrated CRM Solution:

CRM software provides solutions to businesses that can record all the customer data in one place, including contact information such as names and email addresses, AND points of contact, such as Web inquiries, Facebook fan page comments, clicks from email newsletters, or email to your support center.

Combined with a strategic inbound marketing plan, CRM allows sales or service representatives to follow up with potential clients, and communicate their progress with co-workers and supervisors. Time is spent building those key relationships, rather than writing reports.


With both the inbound marketing plan and a solid CRM solution in place, a “closed loop” analysis system maximizes lead follow up and conversion ratios, and tracks which venues are attracting the most attention from potential leads. It becomes a win for both the influential sales person who just wants to make a difference, and the team leader who just wants great results.


Give us a call at 269-445-3001 or select one of the Green GO links to connect and we'll cover in more depth.


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How are you maximizing your marketing with your CRM solution?

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