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Pipeline-InconsistentSavvy business leaders are driving new profits by implementing an integrated approach to business growth. It seems every week I'm listening to a business owner that feels they seem to be at a plateau or stuck.  They are looking for new options for driving top line growth and would love to have a full and consistent pipeline. These owners and business executives realize they must also optimize their marketing strategies for superior return on investment and properly align the efforts of sales, marketing, and customer service operations to support robust growth.

After several minutes into the conversation we eventually start reviewing their business management software tools.  They have a sense that there are better systems and tools available in creating growth and in managing the effects of growth across the business.  Yes, that is why we are here to help sort that out.....


They ask what role can technology play in their quest for top line growth?  Our core belief is that business management software tools hold a critical role both in creating growth and in managing the effects of growth across the business.   We have seen business after business follow a customer-centric business strategy and implement CRM software solutions as a growth driver.  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems also address the technology needed to support growth in business including integration with financial accounting systems and business intelligence tools.  Who would not want to have a central business management system that can provide a 360 degree view of the customers and of the business?


Driving Growth with Customer Relationship Management

Top-Line-Growth-Success-with-CRMCRM systems help businesses drive growth by fully integrating the efforts of sales, marketing, and customer service in order to create a consistent and satisfactory relationship with prospects and customers.  CRM increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, automates the sales process, and improves the customer support experience.  It also provides a concrete set of metrics to help management measure sales and marketing activity against growth targets.


CRM is about understanding the buying habits and preferences of your customers and prospects, so you can:

  • Attract the interest of lucrative new customers and close more deals.
  • Strengthen customer relationships so that they buy from your company again and again.
  • Provide value-added services that are difficult for competitors to duplicate.
  • Improve product and service delivery processes so that it's easy to do business with you.
  • Increase your staff's awareness of customer needs.
  • Reduce customer frustration by customizing messages to their needs and preferences.

In future posts I'll cover how CRM is a growth enabler, so stay tuned.  Sign up for automatic updates, here.

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What have you found helpful in Driving Top Line Growth?


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