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Enhance Effectiveness in the Field with Rich CRM Functionality

It just got easier. The lives for those of us who are in the field and must stay connected to grow the business have new, integrated tools!  Hurray....



With the recent availability of the iPhone® on the Verizon® mobile network, I was able to switch to the new iPhone 4 device.

Now with Sage SalesLogix mobile availability we can stay connected back to the 'mother ship' of our CRM database.

As a mobile device user I can quickly and easily have access to extended and rich CRM functionality.

+ Create, view and edit key client information including Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Tickets.

+ View and schedule Activities record important Notes, and access detailed History records.

+ Manage meeting schedules, personal activities, phone calls and to-dos.

+ Log email and phone interactions to customer history.





iphone-SalesLogix-activityI can pop up a list of "Quick Actions" to perform and have it update the master CRM database. Now everyone back at the home office knows who has been contacted and what we talked about.  "Mom would be proud !"

Sage SalesLogix mobile allows me to configure it to match my user preferences and work styles, work on-line or off-line, and receive updates automatically.


You can now leverage the flexibility of a browser-based application, optimized on today's smart phones and tablets.




Yes you can access your Sage SalesLogix CRM data on a wide range of popular devices such as the iPhone® 3.x and higher, iPad®, Android™ v2.1 and higher, and BlackBerry® Torch™ (v6.0).

The application can be customized to accommodate your unique business processes and data requirements in the field.

I can interact with native device applications and functions easily - including mapping, dialing, and email - in one click.  No more getting lost with an electronic navigator!


So check out our SalesLogix mobile page.  Whether you have one of the 200 kinds of Android phones, an iPhone, Blackberry or an iPad tablet like I carry around (bigger pictures), you can stay connected and have your CRM database become a more valuable asset in your business.

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What advantages can you view for enhanced effectiveness of your staff?

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