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ACT for Web - Access to Customer Details with iPad and Smart Devices

Lucy Act ConsultantDo you currently have the Sage ACT! for Premium Edition?  Did you know there is a Web version included for free?

I have found that most of my clients that have been using ACT! for years are unaware of the benefits of the Web version of Sage ACT!

Wouldn't you like to leave that heavy laptop at home when traveling?



With ACT! for Web you have access to current contact details from anywhere in the world through an Internet browser. Go ahead, use your favorite devices: Apple ipad, Smart Phone, or any device that can browse the Internet!

This web based solution can be installed on an internal server or on an off site hosted server.  Your confidential customer data is secure behind company firewalls and available 24 x 7.

By having a Web based CRM system, you can:

  • eliminate the extra cost of workstation installations,
  • eliminate the security risk and cost of remote users carrying local copies of the database, and
  • improve productivity with no time delays waiting for users to synchronize their updated information.

Interesting but, "Does it have the same look and functionality as the Windows version, I don't want to retrain my sales team?"  

No additional training required!

Sage ACT! for Web has the same look and feel as the Windows version. It uses your local copy of Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft Office products. Your Word/Excel documents and e-mails will still be attached to the contacts history within Sage ACT!


My favorite option is using my Verizon Droid phone to access Sage ACT for Web.  I don't have the additional cost of using an add-on product to view my notes, add a new contact, or update my opportunities when I'm away from the office.

The benefits are many:

+ Ability for Accessing information in real time.

+ A choice on how to deploy Sage ACT! at no additional cost. 

+ Updating contact info through your Smart Phone and iPad.

+ Improved security since no data stored on mobile device.

+ No heavy laptop to carry around......


Give me a call at 269-445-3001 and check out the links for additional information.


What do you like the most about your Sage ACT Web access?


Topics:   Mobile CRM Web-based productivity tools Business success with CRM Better Decision Making

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