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Which CRM Solution is Right for You? Find Out with CRM Flex Test

As you continue to evaluate a CRM Solution, making a final decision may be tough.  How do you weigh a quick start-up versus security, or data ownership versus cost?  And what are the real differences between on-premise and on-demand?  As a business owner or C-level executive, what should I be considering?


The CRM Flex Test eBook offers a detailed 5-Point checklist that will help you find the right mix of features, delivery, and deployment options to meet your business needs. 


Key topics include:

  • The new operational requirements companies face today.
  • The challenges of enabling a dynamic workforce.
  • The role that security must play, both in reliability and protecting data.
  • The importance of having a solution that is user-friendly and robust.
  • The need for flexibility with financing (pricing and licensing), IT (planning for growth), and the application itself (integration and customization) 

This eBook helps executives make an educated CRM purchase decision by reviewing the primary requirements they should consider. 

Get an inside look at how a CRM  solution can benefit businesses striving to differentiate themselves in today's fast-paced sales environment.

Get the CRM  Flex Test eBook, here....

For more information, call your friendly CRM specialist at 269-445-3001.

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