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Snowbound-Time-to-Plan-to-ACTHere in the Midwest and many other places across this great country we are experiencing a "snow bound day".  It is one of those times to NOT be traveling but also gives many of us time away from the office.  It gives us time to do something we have been wanting to do but maybe didn't feel that we had time to do.


Ideas of Actions for a Snow Bound Day:


  • Use it as a Time to Reflect - to consider topics that affectReflect-CRM-Success your business and your life as a whole.  Yes, I know this may take more than one day if you have lots of things going on. Consider first what is at the top of your mind.  What is that strategy you wanted to further develop? Most entrepreneurial minded people can gain the most with this time to reflect about what is most important.  Maybe family, maybe the business and most probably yourself.


  • Use it as a Time to Plan. Take some of this day to work "On" your business instead of "In" your business.  Jot down some of the goals you want to accomplish on the projects of most importance. Note the bullet points of action. What is the next physical step for each of those projects?   More on Getting Things Done, here.


  • Use it as a Time to Re-connect.  I find it helpful to review my written notes and our CRM database for commitments that are upcoming but more importantly to reconnect with people that I have been out of touch for a while.  Our CRM systems can easily provide a list of contacts that have not received an email, have not receive a phone call or letter, and who we have not met with for a given number of days.  This can be an eye opener and can provide insights for you to stay "top of mind" with those that matter.


  • Use it as a Time to Catch-up. Hopefully you are notGetting-Things-Done-GTD chronically in a "catch-up mode" because a lack of focus and resources can have serious long term effects on you, your business, and your life.  A big positive from a sense of accomplishment can be achieved by checking some things off as 'DONE'  and a moving forward.


  • Use it as a Time to Be Thankful. Consider how your friends and family have been supportive.  Consider the value your customers have provided to your business so you can complete your mission and provide value.  Consider those business partners who have referred you and helped you provide a more complete solution to your customer needs. Send out some hand written thank you cards or schedule the delivery of electronic thank you cards using a service like Blue Mountain.


  • Use it as a Time to Regain some energy- to take a nap. Productively-Resting-for-Success Studies on productivity show that naps will greatly help you to be more engaged and productive. I find it very helpful to take a 15 minute break when my 'batteries' are running low. Even car batteries need a recharge in todays' world to get us where we need to go.


Being productively engaged and excited by achieving your life's goals can be the best use of time that comes available during a snow bound day.... or really any day if you consider the importance of the actions above.


What Actions are helpful to you on your "Snow bound" type of days?


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