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Upgrading from ACT! - Are you ready for CRM?

Are you ready for Customer Relationship Management?

As a Sage or Swiftpage ACT! user, your business has relied on ACT! to manage all the details of your customer relationships. But as your business grows, you may discover that your needs are pushing the boundaries of  ACT!. You need CRM- the full capabilities of Customer Relationship Management.

  • Gain visibility into customer interactions across your business, including sales, marketing, customer service, and support.
  • Connect with various backend Accounting systems or proprietary systems to provide visibility to your whole team.
  • Efficiently manage campaigns and track marketing ROI.
  • Identify new opportunities and focus on leads with the highest close probability.
  • Forecast sales opportunities and manage the sales pipeline.
  • Identify key service and support issues then access the knowledge database to provide solutions immediately to your customers.
  • Automate tasks and processes to achieve consistency.
  • Provide online, offline, and mobile access options to your team
  • Customize your solution as your business continues to grow
    • Personalize to your business language and work flow.
    • Add completely new entities:  Projects, Engagements, IT Systems/configurations, FAQ', Sales Orders, etc
  • Use a similar look and feel as ACT!, minimizing training and ramp-up time


Your teams will have the tools they need to increase sales, identify and reach more profitable customers, enhance the customer experience, and anticipate customer needs.

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