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3 More Reasons to Choose Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Instead of ACT!

We are often asked about the differences between ACT! contact/customer management and Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix) solutions for a specific business.

Previously I covered 3 reasons to choose the Saleslogix CRM solution instead of  ACT!.  Those 3 points were:

#1. Your business is mainly company account focused and you deal with many different people at each company. 

#2. You need to manage multiple locations of a corporate customer.

#3. You have a more complex communications process and want to reduce the number of input screens and mouse clicks.  


This article covers three more reasons that come into play because the capability is either not as complete or available "out of the box" with ACT!:


#4: Enhance capabilities of Sales Opportunity Management:

  • Team selling
    • Include one or more people on your selling team
    • Include one or more people on the prospect customer's team
    • Include other resource contacts in your CRM database.
  • Competitor tracking/strategy
    • Link to one or more competitors involved in the opportunity.  Quickly view their strengths and weaknesses to devise a better strategic selling plan.
  • Action oriented Sales Processes
    • 10 actions: mail merge, Activity (phone call, to-do, meeting, notes), literature request, etc.



#5:  Customer service/Customer support of issues and resolutions:

If your business is concerned with enhancing your customer experience and providing exceptional customer service this is where SalesLogix customer service/support comes to the rescue. 

Example 1:  Your business receives support calls from customers relating to various issues.  It may be a question about costs from the shipping department.







Example 2: If you have a Technology service business you receive a phone call or email about a technical support complaint.








In Infor CRM (Saleslogix) you have the ability to define the areas, related categories and then the specific issues for analysis.

I have a client who uses the ticket system to track internal production issues in their lab department.  We also have a professional CPA firm who uses "Client Matters" to identify client/IRS/internal issues and projects.

Group your service tickets by various critiera for focused responses, observation of trends and priority follow up.....


Usefulness: The knowledge held in the resolutions can be applied for future issues and expediate customer issues.  Its wonderful to have prior solutions within a few keystrokes so they can be quickly communicated with the customer and make you look like a hero!

If timely issue and resolution is important to your business success then SalesLogix has that capability. 

P.S.  A service ticket/case can also be linked to a specific contract, a defect, or be applied to a return process to result in a closed-loop support system.


#6: Make it your own system - mold it with complete customization capabilities.

The ability to modify a CRM system greatly enhances the longivity and ROI that can be gained.  It is like having the capability to define about any type of information you need to manage and grow your business.

From a 'technical' perspective you can modify the database schema- tables, fields, data relationships, data management forms, lookup queries, and business rules.  This is the kind of capabilities a SQL database architect and .NET developer can wrap their arms around.  But I don't want to get too 'techy'...

Suffice it to say that I have yet to find a small or mid-market business that needed something that SalesLogix could not provide, using these capabilities.


Both ACT! contact/customer management and Infor CRM provide capabilities to Aquire, Retain, and Develop profitable customers. 

Sometimes a business will start with ACT and then move to Infor CRM /Saleslogix. We can help get you through this decision and implementation process.


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