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We are often asked by prospective clients the benefits of using one business relationship development system or another.  It usually starts with conversations about tracking information on contacts and customers and then leads into operational topics such as email integration, access to customer information in an accounting system and options to stay connected and being "Top of Mind" with their contacts.

While we go through our discussion there comes a point where a contact/customer management system like Sage ACT! may not be the best solution.  Because of our many years of experience implementing mid market CRM (Customer relationship management) systems the following are three reasons to choose SalesLogix CRM over ACT!:

1. Your business is mainly company account focused and you deal with many different people at each company.

There may be various contacts that are influencers, decision makers, and just good names to have handy. When setting these up you want to save time. For example you need to create both the original company account record and the new contact record at one time.


Likewise, being account centric you may need to link up multiple company accounts up to a parent account.  Thus you could do an analysis of sales and marketing results at the company level or at the major parent corporate level.

Having the ability to quickly see and roll up all the business relationships with all the various contacts at an account perspective points to SalesLogix. 


2. You need to manage multiple locations of a corporate customer. 

There may be multiple ship to addresses for the company and/or multiple addresses for a contact.  For example if you are selling into a major bank or retail chain you many have the corporate address and many branch or retail outlet locations.  One of our clients sells into the Burger King restaurants and has 100's of locations.

If you need to track a parent company to a group of major accounts- refer to #1 above.


3. You have a more complex communication process and want to reduce the number of input screens and mouse clicks.

For example, when you have an inbound email in your Outlook Inbox and you want the email to be part of your CRM contact record AND 

You also want to: 

    • Include additional comments about the email in your internal communications.
    • Immediately schedule a follow up activity:  Phone call, meeting, To do, etc.
    • And Oh, you also want to check the schedule of a colleague to see if she can attend that activity.
    • You have additional digital attachments to link to the source email.
    • You are driven to become more Productive.....

How to:

Highlight the email message in Microsoft Outlook:



Fill in additional information for the email record:


Schedule that reminder phone call in your trusted CRM system!


Additional Insights....

For more reasons to consider Sage SalesLogix instead of ACT, start here.

They just WORK for what they are intended to accomplish, learn why.

Other comparisons of  ACT! and SalesLogix  articles


Our Clients and our Sage Business Relationship:

We are a Sage Select Business partner because the contact management and CRM solutions WORK! for our clients.  Both ACT! and SalesLogix do help a business become more successful. I provide design, implementation and support of Sage SalesLogix systems as a Sage SalesLogix partner. Julie and I also are Sage ACT! Certified Consultants and we enjoy helping business people achieve their goals. 

Our specialty is in business relationship development strategies for small to medium sized businesses - those that have a strong entrepreneurial mindset.  We also help existing businesses obtain more return on their investment in their Contact/CRM system. 

We offer free introductory consulting services whether you are new and determining if you are ready or if you need to optimize your current strategy/system.


What limits and constraints have you reached with your Sage ACT!?  Call us at 269-445-3001, to review options. 

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