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Red Flag - Lack of Flexibility to the Way You Want to Work

Flexible CRM - leads for continued business success

Have you ever wanted to make an application work the way you want it to work, or wished multiple applications would work together?

Gaining flexibility in the way you work enables you to do more, even when you don't have more time.


The ability to form-fit an application to your needs, as well as to integrate it with other applications, increases your productivity, efficiency, and creativity.  Who does not what this!

Out of the box, a contact management such as  ACT!, delivers instant flexibility by conforming to the way you conduct business, rather than making you confirm to it.  The solution allows you to customize field labels and types, globally customize screen layouts, and even custom-tailor every view, if you desire this level of specialization.

You can easily customize drop-down lists with standard entries that your business uses and designate field types (e.g., Yes/No, unlimited memo, and picture), so that you always capture consistent information.  For even greater productivity and efficiency, modify the navigation bar and menus to support the way you like to access information and navigate within the application.

Beyond customization, contact and customer managers provide flexibility by allowing you to integrate the solution with other frequently used applications.  Think of how much more quickly you could perform daily activities by combining contact and customer management tools with Microsoft Office, Outlook, and more.  Or, some organizations opt to integrate with QuickBooks(r) or other Sage accounting software, so that select users can see estimates, invoices, sales and payments form within their contact manager for a complete customer view.

(Should your business needs exceed the flexibility or capabilities of Swiftpage (formally Sage) ACT! contact management, we have extensive experience with design and implementation of Infor CRM (Saleslogix) CRM solution.)

Yes, gaining flexibility in the way you work enables you to do more, even when you don't have more time.

Integration Options:

Electronic marketing, newsletters and surveys.

Lead list management (business services) for ACT!

Workflow processing (ACT! Smart Tasks)

QuickBooks accounting - sales information/invoice history

Quoting and Proposal management


Next Steps:

CRM-Assessment-FreeRead about other results gained and Success with CRM.

Find other red flags that point to a need for contact and customer management.

Interested in taking the next step?  Let's start a conversation....


What flexibility are you looking for in your Contact Management/CRM system?


Topics:   CRM user adoption Flexible CRM Adaptable CRM Make your business work smarter

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