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CRM-Consultant-SuccessYou have built up a fine list of prospects and customers in your Sage ACT! contact management system for several years. It has helped you track useful characteristics about these important people such as their personal interests and buying behaviors. You have built lasting relationships with customers and your sales staff has benefited from this all important knowledge.

But lately your organization is struggling. Your customer base has become larger and more complex. Your business systems are now only "adequate". Competitive pressures are mounting. Your system is not as ‘snappy’ as it use to be. Also related information about the contacts and their company, needs to be more integrated with your other business systems.

SalesLogix-Ticket-ServiceYou’d like to have a way to link service or product issues and their resolutions to the related customer accounts. Knowing more about these issues and spotting trends earlier would be very helpful in your decision making. Tracking quality assurance items, lowering issue to resolution times, and obtaining customer satisfaction measurements would deepen your relationship with customers.


You’d like to quickly view product sales and invoice payment information from your accounting/manufacturing system when you look up a customer account. There is a need to track multiple ship-to addresses for each of these customer accounts. Each ship-to can provide insights into how your business is being received.


While the details per contact are helpful, to take your business to the next level you need to evaluate your business at a company account level. You ask yourself:

Which of these customer accounts are growing at 20% or more each year?

Which customer accounts have the greatest potential for new product or new service revenue?

What type of customer accounts are we closing faster on sales opportunities?

What types of customers are generating the largest number of re-occurring service issues?

Based on my top 20% of customer accounts, what trends are evident for future sales of my product lines and services?


You’d appreciate a knowledgeable business partner:

Having been in the business of helping small and medium sized business with Customer Relationship Management for over 30 years, I have had clients ask these types of questions as they consider a move from a contact management system.  Common themes we address:

Entrepreneurs who are looking at taking their business to the next level and know there must be a better way.

Business professionals who are looking for insights of what is possible and could be successful in their organization.

Businesses needing a more fully developed customer relationship development system with enhanced, information management capabilities.


This is where our Success with CRM Consulting business can help support you. Wherever your organization is in its life cycle of business development and enhancing customer relationships, we can provide insights, implement solutions and support what we recommend.

We bring experience in both contact management (Sage ACT!) and customer relationship Management (Sage SalesLogix CRM) systems to support your business relationship development to the next level.


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What questions come to mind as you consider when it is time to replace Sage ACT! ?


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