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Benefits of a Good Relationship with Your Target Audience

pencil Posted by Dick Wooden

How does a good relationship with your various target audiences benefit your organization?

Engage-Business-Relationship-DevelopementPer Brian Solis in his book: “Engage – The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web

"There are thousands of customers waiting to hear from you about your business and vision. It’s the minimum ante to create a vibrant and loyal online community. When you engage, you will build an authoritative social network that increases your visibility, relevance, influence, and profitability. It’s time to Engage!": Brian Solis.

In his book about the changes of the new web, I thought he summed it well with "Engage, or Die".


These are benefits of a good relationship with your target audience... market.

1. Increases sales.

2. Increases attendance.

3. Increases donations.

4. Increases likelihood of desirable legislation passing.

5. Increases preferences.

6. Increases awareness.

7. Improves employee loyalty.

8. Improves employee retention.

9. Improves customer retention.

10. Improves customer loyalty.

11. Improves likelihood of purchase.

12. Attracts new customers.

13. Attracts new prospects (lead generation).

14. Attracts new donors/potential donors.

15. Increases amount of purchase.

16. Increases frequency of purchase.

17. Boosts stock price.

18. Increases profitability.

19. Reduces turnover.

20. Decreases time to market.

21. Decreases number of complaints.

22. Decreases absenteeism.

What is another benefit of a good relationship with your target audience?

Topics: Unique selling prosposition, Referral Development, Business Relationship Development, Customer Relationship Development, Customer-Centric Strategy

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