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Fundamentals of Business Management - Dr. Edward Deming

Deming-Principles-SuccessBack in 80's I came across the teachings of Dr. Edward Deming and I really connected to his quality initiatives.  The turn arounds that occurred in nations (Japan) and organizations that developed a quality focus is remarkable.

He had defined many wise fundamentals on managing a business that have been a core in my business management philosophy and practices over the years.

You may also consider these to help manage your way "Out of the Crisis"


  • “Create constancy of purpose toward improvement of product and service”, with the aims of becoming competitive, staying in business and providing jobs.


  • Adopt a new philosophy – “Client-centric with continual quality improvements”.  Having a customer centric business philosophy is core to Success with CRM.


  • Improve constantly and forever in the system of service and production.


  • Institute training on the job. Institute leadershipInstitute a vigorous program to encourage education, retraining and self-improvement for everyone.


  • “Drive out-fear”- so that everyone can work effectively for your business, and employees are not afraid to ask questions and take a position.   (It employee’s responsibility to inform management about problems and its management’s responsibility to act). {His 'Drive out Fear' fundamental is critical to full engagement and reaching predictable success}


  • Take action to accomplish the transformation by putting everyone to work on it.  (Workers cause 15% of the problems whereas the system produces 85%. The system is the responsibility of the management).


  • Don’t neglect long-term planning and transformation. {Devote dedicated time to work "on" the business and not just "in" the day to day of business}


What 'quality' improvement can your bring into your business?


Topics:   Leadership Development GREAT Work Success fundamentals Business Relationship Development

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