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"Relationship" is the center point, the core starting of both personal and business relationship developmentThe relationship with yourself, the relationship with your loved ones and the relationships you acquire, retain and develop in your business endeavors. It is important to make every relationship count.

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Six key points to consider for each relationship:

1. Not all relationships are equal and equality is not measured just in the "time" that is applied, intangibles are involved.

2. In business, focus on what matters most.  Clarify core principles, mission, values and goals.

3. Follow a strategy first then work the process.

4. Engage with a 'system' built around retaining and developing shared knowledge. Having a useful contact management or CRM system is a critical business requirement.  Do ACT on the strategy.

5. Revise, nurture, expand some, contract some. Changes do occur.

6. Enjoy what you do throughout this relationship development process.


What other points have you found helpful in building relationships?

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