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Entrepreneurial Mindset

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Honor the Veterans and Honor Your Family

Veteran-Wooden-historyIn the revolutionary war a young 13 year old served General Washington.  That  man later became the first white settler in the county that I have lived all my life.

Zachariah Wooden at 13 may be considered a "child" today but in the late 1700's he was already a young man with responsibilities not normally found in youth of today.

Yes, Zacharah and his sons and their sons and so forth eventually lead to my own creation.  Myself and my family honor not only our family of veterans but all the women and men who serve today or have served our country!  Thank YOU!

On memorial day 2010, I visited the cemetary of the two oldest Wooden family relatives that I'm aware of.  This local cemetary still has the early 1800 grave marker of Zacharah and this son Timothy Wooden.



Thank You great, great,...... great grandpa!  For your service, your pioneer spirit and your enduring strengths.

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