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Epilogue: Where to Begin and End With the Six Laws for Better Customer Relations

Customer Relationship Management should begin with The Six Laws for Better Customer Relations.

Good Customer Relationship Management should end there, too.

When you've received advice, attended seminars, read blogs, and spent your hard-earned money, the bottom line is that these six truths prove to be true.

Bruce Temkin, industry authority and creator of these laws, provides three final thoughts:

  1. Treat these laws as sacred. Don’t just know the laws. Live by them.
  2. Don’t break these laws. If a new initiative runs counter to these truths, find a different approach that conforms to them.
  3. Share these laws with others. They will have the largest impact when they are widely understood across your organization. Place a copy of the laws on every desk.

Ultimate-experience-CRM-SuccessBy conforming to these laws, your company is in a better position to deliver great experiences to your customers. Great experiences yield business success.  Use them to differentiate your business!

Special thanks goes out to Bruce Temkin. His insights into customer experience and enhancing business relation management are invaluable. Visit Temkin’s website at:  Experience Matters


Find additional information from these related laws:

Law #1: Every Action Creates A Personal Reaction.

Law #2: People Are Instinctively Self-Centered.

Law #3: Customer Familiarity Breeds Alignment

Law #4: Unengaged Employees Don’t Create Engaged Customers.

Law #5: Employees Do What is Measured, Incented, and Celebrated.

Law #6: You Can't Fake It


What Customer Relationship laws do you live by?


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