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The Six Laws of Customer Experience: Law #5--Employees Do What..

Remember when you were a child and wanted your way about something?

If Mom or Dad gave a vague response to a request such as, “We’ll see,” or “Maybe,” you might have been very tempted to go ahead and do whatever you wanted to do.

But if Mom or Dad gave a clear response like an emphatic “No!” or even a “Yes, you can, but not today. Tomorrow would be better,” you understood clearly what was expected of you.

The same is true for employees.

When you clearly define what you expect from your employees, you’re more likely to get those behaviors.


Employees cannot perform to standards they're unaware of.

Don't let misunderstandings cause the wrong behavior and adversely affect your customers' experiences.


Customer relations expert Bruce Temkin upholds this principle as his fifth law of The Six Laws of Customer Experience.

Law #5:  Employees Do What is Measured, Incented, and Celebrated.

In yesterday’s blog, I stated that good customer relations begins with the employees. If as a manager you are not getting the customer experience results you want, then look at the environment in which your employees are trying to function. Have you…

…clearly defined the type of behavior that you want from your employees?

…minimized mixed messages?

Temkin challenges managers that measurements, incentives, and celebrations should be adjusted to reinforce your clearly defined behaviors. Furthermore, you can only get consistent behavior from employees when all three—measurements, incentives, and celebrations—are working together.

Keep behavior expectations clear. Communicate them in a measureable way. Incentivize. Celebrate.

What do you need to adjust in your company environment to get the results you want from your employees?

Temkin writes that the truths he outlines are “fundamental truths that define how organizations treat customers.”

Anyone dealing with customers should not just know these laws, but live by them.

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What do you know about what really motivates each of your employees? 

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