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Friday Fun ACT Tips - No Compiling Call Reports, How Cool is That?


Sales Activity Reporting at your fingertips


--“The Management”

"My sales reps spend 6-8 hours compiling a call report for our Monday meetings. I can’t help but think about the time they’re using up writing these reports instead of pursuing customer relationships. HELP!"

You most definitely have come to the right place, because I have an answer that will make both the sales reps and the managers very, very happy.

ACT Tip: ACT! empowers your sales people to record every single phone call they make, along with follow-ups, dates, and notes. Instead of leaving a trail of notes, scrap paper, and spreadsheets, everything they need is in one place. Also, ACT alleviates the “Friday Report Blues” when employees spend literally hours creating these summaries instead of spending time with the most important people in their profession—the customer.

  • Sales people gain huge amounts of time.
  • Managers have immediate access, 24/7 to their employees’ activity.

On the ACT! database dashboard, a pie graph shows all the activity under each sales person’s name.


Take sales rep “Allison”. The manager clicks on Allison’s name and sees how many activities Allison has performed for the month, for the week, for the day, for the last hour with easy filtering.



The list shows all of Allison’s appointments, cleared and upcoming. Another click, and Allison’s notes from those appointments are available.

Want Allisons’s information in a different format? ACT! allows the manager to pull those notes, put them into a nice document, and voilá! A formal report now exists for company boards and owners.

Sales reps needn’t be paranoid that managers have access to their customers, unless of course they need the accountability. Instead, with managers having good information at their disposal, they now can better help, train, and encourage those sales reps when needed.

Happy sales reps. Happy managers. Happy business owners. 5¢.

How can these types of activity dashboards help you?  Call Julie for help: 269-445-3001


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Topics:   Executive mgmt. dashboard Staying Top of Mind Make your business work smarter Productive Improvements

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