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Business developers know that good customer relationships lead to business growth, but with so much information bombarding you, where should you set your attention? 

Focus on The Six Laws of Customer Experience, as created by industry authority Bruce Temkin.

Temkin writes that the principles he outlines are “fundamental truths that define how organizations treat customers.”

Anyone dealing with customers should not just know these laws, but live by them.

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Customer Experience Law #3: Customer Familiarity Breeds Alignment

Shared-Customer-Knowlege-CRM-SuccessIn other words, if employers and employees--from the front line to executive level--share the same understanding about the customers, then the entire company benefits.

A company is stronger when as many people as possible understand customers.

Everyone wants to better serve their clients--agreed?

Do these four things, and you will.

  1. Focus on customer needs. Employee decisions and actions create a stronger alliance Cast the spotlight on the customer and not on individual egos, and all your employees' decisions and actions will align for the best customer experience.
  2. Communicate customers’ insights to everyone. Knowledge is power, and the more employees know about the customers, the better the customers can be served.
  3. Put aside personal agendas. Instead of discussing what you like or what you think, re-frame discussions to be completely about customers.
  4. Don’t wait for an organizational alignment. That takes too long. Go back to #1—focus on the customer.

Temkin reminds us of the bottom line: “An external focus is an antidote to internal politics.”

Our clients find that their CRM system can quickly provide the customer centric view of any given account or related contact. They can find the relevant communications, past purchases and service requests- all for a better focus on the customer experience. Sharing bits of knowledge about the customer across the organization greatly enhances the business relationship development process and leads to greater success with CRM.


Next, Law #4: Unengaged employees don’t create engaged customers.

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Where is your focus—on the company, or on the customer?

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