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We have run across several businesses that have developed their sales process and want it included as part of the sales opportunity management - which we can easily do with both Sage ACT! and Sage SalesLogix CRM.


But when we look at some of these sales process steps they are focused on the company's internal process and NOT on what the customer does in their Buying process.   Wouldn't it be more effective and efficient to "Think Like Your Customer?"

Consider these steps often found in a customer's buying cycle as things they do.  How you can match up your internal sales processes with the customer's buying process?


  • Discover or acknowledge their desired needs
  • Build buy-in to the needed change.
  • Seek input on solutions for various sources
  • Conduct research on possible solutions
  • Identify possible vendors
  • Initiate contact with those vendors


  • Identify business goals and drivers
  • Quantify impact and ROI
  • Determine timing and budget
  • Agree to a process and definition of 'success'


  • Coordinate buying process with Executive owner, legal, finance, contract signer, champion and final approver.
  • Produce valid justification for investment, ROI and payback


  • Approval of solution overview and value proposition
  • Select vendor of choice
  • Begin planning implementation
  • Confirm timing and budget


  • Check references
  • All approvers "sign off"
  • Final approver agrees to final proposal.
  • Contract signer signs contract or issues purchase order.


  • Provide internal support and resources for project
  • Validate solution delivery and the value defined
  • Pay their bills
  • Re-engage for follow-up sales

"Everything we do should be done with the specific intent of helping our client/customer do something they need to do in their buying process",  Bill Stinnet, author of "Think Like your Customer...".  We at Success with CRM Consulting, also agree!

So consider how you can modify your sales processes to coordinate with the way your buyer is thinking.

What buying process step did I miss or do you agree with?


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