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Red Flag - Wish for Personal Assistant who kept you informed..

I bet each of you wished you had a personal assistant who kept you informed of every upcoming appointment, important date and task!  When we hear from a prospective client their challenges with keeping informed and missing a contact management or CRM system in use, we hear "Red flag"...


Calendar-NOT-Sage-ACTEarly in my career I used the family wall calendar but that quickly got overwhelmed.  Then in the 80's when the IBM PC arrived I bought my first desktop computer but that really was not designed as a personal assistant.  After designing and writing my first two contact management systems for my business in late 80's, key dates were being recorded but still no personal assistant.

Skip forward to the last 5 years and the development of CRM - customer relationship management systems with tight integration to calendars and alerting software- and BINGO!

Each year I'm amazed of the automation that keeps becoming more available and useful. There are more configuration capabilities of the integration points between the contact management system and Microsoft Outlook that most businesses use. ACT! 2011 added enhanced calendar synchronization.  Smart tasks are ACT's way of automating work flow for processes like sending a thank you, wishing a happy birthday and other relationship building actions.


Why a Personal Assistant Is Important: 

Staying on top of your appointments and to-dos is a surefire way to impress customers, expedite sales, and reduce personal stress. Contact and customer relationship management takes the pressure out of managing your daily responsibilities - appointments, calls, to-dos, etc - so that you can focus on the task at hand, instead of worrying about what's coming next!

Using the Task List View, you can filter your calls, meetings, and to-do items by priority, date range,or user, and display the totals of each activity.  Activity alarms provide extra protection against missing a deadline by reminding you of deliverables and automatically pushing incomplete activities to the next day so nothing slips through the cracks. 

Contact and customer management enables you to add a personal touch to your business relationships by reminding you of birthdays and other key dates. Also, to make sure customers don't fall out of touch, you can perform a Contact Activity Lookup to see who hasn't been contacted in a while.  Wouldn't it be helpful to know which customers have not been contact by phone, by email or with a personal meeting in the last 60 days?

In essence, the software serves as your "personal assistant" who keeps you on top of your schedule and helps you extend the personal touches the keeps customer loyal.


Take-ACTion-CRM-consultantRead about other results gained and Success with CRM.

Find other red flags that point to a need for contact and customer management.

Interested in taking the next step?  Sign up for a free CRM readiness assessment consultation, here.

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