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Dick-with-Sage-CRM-ConsultantHave you heard it said before that you don't really buy a lamp but you are buying the ambiance and light that it produces.  You don't buy a power drill but the clean and easy holes that it can drill.

You don't buy a dog but the companionship that she provides.


Likewise when a client considers buying a CRM system, they are really buying the results that the CRM system can deliver.  And the benefits provided can vary depending upon your role and responsibilities.

When Julie or I speak with you, you aren't buying a CRM system...

You are buying a tool to help manage your commitments and schedule with prospects and customers. You get a better feeling of staying connected.

You are buying a place to hold those special notes and interested about your contacts so they can be recalled the next time you need that important information.

You are buying a way to enhance business relationship development.  For many clients this is increased marketing effectiveness and better use of referral marketing.

You are buying a set of ways to stay connected with the people and organizations that are important business relationships.

You are buying a set of processes for optimizing one or more of your lead generation, your "staying top of mind", your opportunity management, your field sales support, your customer issue resolution...processes.

You are buying a sense of control from seeing and viewing what is happening in the business.  Who has been having conversations with prospects and customers.  Who and when are my sales reps meeting with in the coming weeks?

You are buying a relational database that can hold the accumulated knowledge and reduce your dependency on multiple silos of information.  You get a speedy application so you can quickly lookup the relational information.

For each key account you'll have a way to identify competitors, their strengths,their weaknesses and develop a documented strategy for winning the account and retaining the account. You are receiving knowledge for future engagements and winning new business.

You are buying ways to increase productivity and engagement of your staff as they perform their day to day activities.  We all love to work in a rewarding career and get things done.

You are buying a set of operational processes that can be more easily repeatable and consistent so the customer experience is positive and memorable.  A sales process that can help to get a new sales person up to speed faster.  An issue resolution process that can query past solutions and increase the effectiveness of customer service.

You are providing improved set of tools for your sales force and your customer service personnel feel less frustrated and more involved in their lives while at work.

You are providing your management team with a set of tools that are more visable and easily accessible so more informed decisions  can be confidently made.

You are buying a method to gage the quality and quantity of the sales opportunities in the pipeline.

You are buying a sense of having better perspective of where the business is at now and where future sales will be coming from.

You are establishing a long term, trusted relationships with business partners.  You know more about your vendors, your strategic partners, and alliances.

You are having access to a trusted business parter who knows how your business operates and who can provide insights for quality improvements.   You get a Customer Relationship Management business partner who provides support for this "CRM system" and who can help to personalize it to your ever changing business needs.

In essence, you are buying another "set of eyes and ears".. 

In many cases you are buying "Peace of Mind"....


Yes, all of the above is part of a "CRM system" that is composed of integrated processes used to implement a business strategy for the desired results. 

These are the results you can get with a collaborative partnership with Success with CRM Consulting, Inc.

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So what results are you looking to achieve?


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