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What Knowledge Provides When We Embrace It and Use It

CRM-Knowledge-is-PowerAs we coach entrepreneurs and the implemention of Customer Relationship Management systems, we always help clients consider the role of "change."  A key factor for success is to  readily adapt to changes in business and life in general. Change produces education, which throughout life provides knowledge. That made me think about... 

What Knowledge can provide:

  • How to interact with others
  • How to solve problems
  • How to succeed in planning
  • How to modify behavior- yours and others
  • How to find and act upon an opportunity
  • How to make and keep money
  • How to learn more effectively and efficiently
  • How to feel good about yourself
  • How to stay committed
  • How to have fun
  • How to get more enjoyment out of life's experiences.
  • How much you really know and don’t know about yourself and the world.

How does knowledge relate to business success?

It can start with knowing how you best learn new information and understanding your strengths.  What allows you to do more of that GREAT work you'd love to be doing?  Learn how to communicate more effectively with team members.

Check-CRM-ConsultantKnowledge can provide a systematic approach for managing your commitments (since you can't really "manage" time) and getting things done.  Don't you just love it when a plan comes together and you can check off that project as done?

Knowing how other members of your team "receive" your communications and thus how your customer's are "receiving" your information leads to improved engagement and a memorable customer experience.


How does this relate to a Customer Relationship Management System?

Having access to the buying habits of your customers will help your business focus more on the ideal target market and thus save on marketing costs and create more qualified leads for sales to engage.

Valuable conversations can result from accessing prior conversations between members of your staff and the customer and seeing what issues are open and which ones have been resolved. I think it is great when a service rep follows up with me or when I check on a service issue and they already know the status and can communicate to me what is going on.

CRM is a system that contains a relational database of knowledge waiting to be tapped by your business for making better informed decisions.   Knowledge is power and CRM knowledge is an appreciating business asset.

The knowledge of the relationship quality (know-like-trust) is a CRM benefit for sales people, managers and business owners 


Yes, education is a life-long process that provides knowledge and that is the purpose of this business Success with CRM blog.  Now use that knowledge to clarify your strategy and start the Great Work you and your staff enjoy!


What is your commitment?  For yourself,  for your team, for your business?

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