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11 Simple Ways B2B Companies Can Be More Social Today


Social media is one of the great business equalizers of all time.


11 Simple Ways Business to Business Companies Can Be More Social Today. Full Hubspot Inbound Markeing blog article, here.

When making the transition from traditional to online and social media marketing, B2B companies will need to make major and minor changes to their marketing strategy and tactics. While the major changes are important, sometimes it can feel like the company is not making any progress in becoming more “social.”

So while, as a marketing department, you are making major changes like CRM integrations, lead collection systems, etc., consider making some of these simple changes as well to become instantly more social.

The HubSpot Inbound mareting article list provides smaller steps that can help B2B companies better integrate social media tactics while applying larger online marketing strategies.

1. Make Marketing Documents Social - It is likely that your work computer contains dozens of documents that could be valuable to current or prospective customers.  As a marketer, you can instantly make your marketing documents social by uploading them to social media document sharing services such as SlideShare and Scribd. View Success with CRM slide presentations.

2. Create Social Media Icons- Images on the web have different sizing requirements than traditional logos and letterheads. As a business online, you need to create a logo that represents your brand on social networks. This means you need a small, square-shaped icon that can be used on social network profiles such as Facebook and Twitter.

3. Claim Social Media Accounts - While you may just be developing a social media strategy now, that shouldn't stop your business from going ahead and claiming social media accounts even if they won't be used for a month of two. Head over to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. and create your accounts today.

4. Set up a Company LinkedIn Profile - LinkedIn is a B2B focused social network. It also provides the ability for businesses to maintain a company profile page that LinkedIn members can subscribe to for tracking company updates. Setting up a company profileis a good first step in becoming an active member of the LinkedIn community.

5. Write Blog Posts - While you may still be considering which blogging platform to use, this selection process shouldn’t stop you from going ahead and writing a few blog posts. After all, you can never have too much content for your blog. Writing articles before you've decided on a blogging platform will allow you to start publishing as soon as your corporate blog is live.

6. Equip Staff- When creating content for the web, marketers need a different set of tools. Thinking of trying online video? You may consider getting a Flip camera and some video editing software. Will you be writing blog posts? Then you may want to download a screen capture application like Camtasia. Having the right tools in place will make it easier to create quality content for the web.

7. Start Monitoring - Begin to get a basic understanding of the social media conversations related to your industry by using free tools. Use Twitter Search, Alerts Grader and Boardreader to monitor search terms relating to your industry and business. As you begin to become more sophisticated, you can transition into paid social media monitoring software.

8. Set Employee Expectations- Some companies have social media policies; others have general conduct policies that include social media behavior. Setting expectations with employees for how they should be representing your business online is an important initial step in social media marketing. Encouraging your employees to represent your company in the appropriate way online can help to expand the overall reach and power of your marketing department and facilitate a culture of marketing.

Read more of the full article, here.


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The Majority of Businesses Are Using Social Marketing, But Why" from Marketing Pilgrim:

 63% of marketers are already using social media marketing while more than half of those who aren’t currently involved said they were planning on jumping in probably within the next year. But why? Extra Mile Audience Research conducted a study for PivotCon and here’s what they found out:

People said they used social media marketing because:

– We realized that social media marketing is a powerful tool for brands or products 70%

– Our audience is on social media sites 62%

– We saw that social media users/always-on consumers gather information differently 47%

– To use social media as part of our customer support and relationship management 40%.


What ways have you implemented that make your business more social today?


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