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Don't get left behind - Inbound Marketing Resources to the rescue

Jennifer went to Harvard Business College and began her career with an internship at a prestigious ad agency. She spent several years working for a direct mail agency. Now, with 20 years marketing experience and the owner of her own firm, she doesn’t understand why everything she’s been taught- products, pricing, placement, promotion- doesn’t seem to have the same impact in today’s wi fi world.

If you follow Seth Godin, David Meerman Scott, John Jantsch, or any of the other current marketing gurus, you know that the world of marketing has been turned on its head in the past quarter century. It’s not enough to have a great product and advertise it. You want potential customers to find you with relationship-based inbound marketing.










Inbound marketing, for the uninitiated, means potential customers discover you through search engines like Google or Yahoo and information they pick up on Facebook or blogs. This is the opposite of outbound marketing, which includes all kinds of interruption-based one-way communications, like classified ads, radio jingles, TV infomercials, and pop-up Internet ads. Inbound marketing relies on a remarkable product or service and a dynamic website that allows everyone from interested browsers to repeat customers to interact with the business and each other, building a community and the potential for viral word of mouth. Inbound marketing thrives on creativity, not big bucks.

If only there were a seminar or workshop or education series to get you up to speed on how to maximize your company’s potential to draw prospects to your website, get them excited about your company and products! Such an educational experience might include information about blogging, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, and video. It could include presenters who are experts on the cutting edge of inbound marketing. It would be affordable and easy to access.


Inbound-Marketing-University-EducatorIt might be called Inbound Marketing University, a service provided through Hubspot.com. A service. As inFREE education to give your business every advantage in a world that craves knowledge and community rather than low prices and slick promotion. IMU is a 16 course, college-level, online certification program that anyone can participate in. Everyone can benefit from this program. Even Jennifer.

Visit our Success with Inbound Marketing, here. and Inbound Marketing Professional Certification Training, here.




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