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Is your business capable of being head and shoulders above the rest?

Customer Relationship Management is based on developing profitable, win-win relationships with prospective and existing customers. It's about nurturing that business relationship so the customer is retained and continually provided with value from your business's products.

CRM is the framework on which strong customer relationships are built.  Personalization is key, but impossible to maintain on a large scale without a system.  With CRM, you can keep track of past communications, scheduled commitments, contact names, birthdays, best method of contact, and other details that communicate a sense of community with the people who choose to do business with us.

Today’s customers want more than a generic product or service.  They are looking for an experience.  If you can make doing business with you a customized, personal experience, worthy of water cooler conversation, you have a customer for life.

CRM also allows for excellent customer service, time and time again.  When a customer calls in with a concern, you have a way to note the concern as well as the steps taken to alleviate the problem.  Even if the customer calls in repeatedly, anyone who takes the call can become apprised of the situation by checking the notes in the CRM system.  You can also track recurring concerns and be proactive in preventing future issues. 

The popular author of Permission Marketing and Purple Cow, Seth Godin, encourages a work environment where employees do not have to ask permission but rather can take the initiative to solve problems in their company.  With a comprehensive CRM tool, all staff members have the resources and knowledge base to make wise decisions and come up with valuable business solutions.  The result is a more effective and efficient sales staff. 

To be a leader in today’s business world means more than being lean and mean.  It’s about communicating knowledge, experience, and resources to potential customers who are seeking a solution. 

A comprehensive CRM tool that both records and disseminates information quickly, allowing you to build relationships with your customers, will put your company head and shoulders above the rest.    

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