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7 Ideas for Marketing Automation with ACT! Smart Tasks

Nurture Prospects Automatically with Drip Marketing

Smart-tasks-ACT-ConsultantCreate multi-step campaigns to nurture new leads and incorporate these Drip Marketing plans into your Smart Task sequences.  Drip Marketing blends simple tasks, like automatically sending an email response when someone fills out a web form, with intelligent technology that reacts differently to contacts based on behavior, like automatically mailing a postcard or letter to a contact that has not opened email.


7 Ideas for marketing automation with Smart Tasks:

1. Send a welcome e-mail to new contacts.

2. Nurture leads by assigning all opportunities to drip email campaigns in Sage E-marketing" target="_blank">Sage E-marketing.

3. Invite new customers to subscribe to your electronic newsletter, product announcements, or other programs. Make sure the content is valuable to them!

4. Put your customer loyalty program on auto-pilot with automated, timed email campaigns.

5. When opportunities changes to "Closed-Won" status, send an email that offers customers the opportunity to upgrade their selection, or purchase related products or services.

6. Schedule Opportunities in the "Inactive" status to receive periodic customer success stories and/or savings offers.

7. If an opportunity moves to "Closed-Lost" status, wait a while and then try a special campaign to reengage the contact, or survey lost sales to find out what your company could have done better.


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What ideas of smart tasks would be helpful in your business?


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