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ACT-eMarketing-CRM-ConsultantIn marketing, the right timing is essential. 

If you wait too long to follow up with an interested prospect, they will lose interest.  Likewise, if you try to sell to the right people at the wrong time, you are unlikely to meet with success. 

Too often, businesses do not make consistent marketing efforts.  Instead, they turn marketing on and off like a spigot when the sales team asks for new leads. 

This approach costs more and is usually less effective than automating marketing processes to improve productivity and utilizing affordable methods such as email.


Smart Tasks" target="_blank">Smart Tasks in Sage ACT! 2011 help you time your marketing campaigns so that you will get the most return for your marketing dollars.

By spacing communications with customers and prospects correctly, you will keep them engaged in a dialog with your company and nurture them toward a purchase until it is time to hand the lead off to sales.


As you design your marketing Smart Tasks, you can include campaigns in Sage E-marketing for ACT" target="_self">Sage E-marketing for ACT, which is a cloud-based marketing service that enables you to execute sophisticated campaigns, while leveraging and building on your existing Sage ACT! information.

Right out-of-the-box, Smart Tasks integrate with Sage E-marketing for ACT!.  Use it to:

  • capture leads with web forms on your web site,
  • nurture prospects automatically with Drip Marketing plans, and
  • quickly identify your hottest leads using a ranked call list based on prospect lead scores.


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Learn more about Automated Selling Machine and Customer Magnet" target="_self">Automated Selling Machine and Customer Magnet- using Sage ACT! Smart Tasks.  Use an automated assistant to help in the development of business relationships and in gaining success from knowledge in your CRM database.

Interested in a review of What's new in Sage ACT! 2011, find it here" target="_blank">What's new in Sage ACT! 2011, find it here


What additional ways can you think of to use Smart Tasks in your business to maximize results?


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