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7 Ways Inbound Marketing Helps You Help Your Clients

Take-The-Next-StepA journey starts with the first step.


Here are 7 ways the Inbound Marketing University has helped me and my business help my clients... and how it can do the same for you.


1. It expands what you don't know but should know.

You can move out of Unconscious Incompetence and begin to become more aware of the bigger, positive possibilities to grow a business.  Share those new insights with your clients.


2. It gives you high quality resources for more in-depth analysis and a place to go for expertise.

We all can use more purposeful and valuable content. Sign up for their blogs, read their books. Share the resources with your clients.


3. It builds your skills level in areas like social media usage, attraction marketing and remarkable content creation.

Help your clients create the basic core social media profiles in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  Start to build a personal brand.   I have helped several businesses start a blog and now they are seeing new prospects being attracted.

4. It builds your capacity to develop relationships. 

You'll discover more methods to connect and enhance business relationships.

Help your client understand the value of connecting their employees with prospects, clients, and other business partners.


5. You get to learn from others- how they got started, what worked and what may not for you - depending on your situation.

Some of the best practices may apply to your client's business model- so pass them along.  Follow some of the ideas presented to get started, now.


6. You become engaged to think at a deeper level about what attracts your ideal client- to focus on benefits and not features.

Consider what key words and phrases attract your clients and then help your clients attract more prospects matching their "ideal."


7. It's fun and an entertaining way to learn new concepts that are also immediately practical in today's world.

The folks at Hubspot have an engaging and fun spirit. Join the Inbound Marketing University and start learning useful strategies and tips to grow your business with the principles at the core of Inbound Marketing.


Dick Wooden is an IMU Graduate, Customer Relationship Management consultant, and Inbound Marketing Specialist. His passion is helping entrepreneurially minded people strengthen and grow their business - centered around business relationship development


Topics:   Customer Experience Improvement Collaborative Community Social Media Use Inbound marketing

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