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Heart-ACT-Michiana-consultantDelivering Outstanding Customer Service

Customer service is another great area to automate everyday tasks with ACT! contact management.  

By setting up Smart Tasks, you can deliver those extra little touches that remind customers why they like dealing with your company.  Part of your Keep in Touch strategy to say "Top of Mind".


The extra attention that you are able to pay to the customer experience is well worth the effort -- it is much easier (and more profitable) to sell more products or services to an existing customer, than to replace that customer.


Update your database with accurate contact information for better decisions.

You can also go that extra mile to keep up with changing customer contact data and ensure a well-maintained database. Smart Tasks will contact customers that are missing key contact information from their records with a survey that automatically plugs any data received back into ACT!.


So the following are 7 ideas for excellent customer service with Smart Tasks:


1. Schedule a follow-up call from an account manager after an opportunity moved to "Closed-Won" status.


2. Send an email to new customers explaining how to contact your company, where to find additional information about products or services, and how to sign up for any available training.


3. Deliver annual customer satisfaction surveys.  (Better yet- do after every major sale!)


4. Send a birthday email greeting to customers, or schedule a call from their account representative.


5. Celebrate customer loyalty by sending a thank you email or letter on the anniversary of each customer's first purchase.  (I always like to get this, don't you?)


6. Survey customers with incomplete mailing address or bad email address and automatically update the database.


7. If you have web forms for customers to fill out with questions, technical issues, or complaints, quickly acknowledge receipt of those comments with an automated email response.


What task do you have that can be done smarter? 

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